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Electric Envy DU1 Drive Unit

a unique EV conversion - designed to repurpose Tesla Drive Units

to fit traditional FR Front-engine, Rear-wheel-drive vehicles

Electric Envy DU1 Drive Unit


The Electric Envy DU1 Drive Unit Conversion takes an existing Tesla Large Drive Unit and repurposes it by converting it into an inline layout for use in a traditional FR Front-engine, Rear-wheel-drive vehicle.


The conversion can be applied to Base and Sport Drive units and cannot be restored back to the original Tesla Layout.

We have 2 conversion options:

  1. We can supply fully converted Drive Units that we source.

  2. We can perform the conversion on drives that you source and send to us.*

Unuseable Original Tesla Drive Unit
DU1 Stand 1.png
Tesla Drive Unit After EE Conversion
Staus & Price

Current Status & Price


The current status is a functioning prototype as seen at EV World 2019

The DU1 Pricing will be available shortly, in the meantime,

get in touch and register your interest


As these are Recycled/Remanufactured Drive Units recovered from damaged vehicles there could be some cosmetic damage due to the Original accident and/or the extraction process.

*Any Drive Units that we receive for conversion that have been in a flood or extensively damaged are unsuitable for conversion and will be returned at the customer's expense


DU1 Rotate.gif


The Electric Envy DU1 Drive Unit is intended for use in front engine, rear wheel drive conversions with minimal disruption to the original vehicle


This Drive Unit has a GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 style Tail Housing and is compatible with TH400 aftermarket Speedo Gears, Slip Yokes, Bearings and Seals. Fixed internal Gear Reatio: 3.12:1, add your choice of differential type, ratio and wheel size to suit your application.


The Drive Unit has 4 independent cooling loops: Rotor, Stator, Inverter and Gearbox


The Electric Envy DU1 is controlled by an Open Source Logic Board by D.Magure and J.Huebner with full details avalable on GitHub

Product Features



Electric Envy supports the Circular Economy by re-manufacturing drive units deemed 'not servicable' by Original Manufacturers and returning them back into circulation as functional user-serviceable drive units.

Electric Envy believes in retaining the value of the material, energy and labour that has has been consumed in the manufacture of the original Drive Unit.

What Drives Us


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Under no circumstances shall Electric Envy be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damage or injury resulting from the use of Electric Envy components in the construction and operation of any custom built electric vehicle.

Installation and or operation of the Open Source Logic Board by D.Magure and J.Huebner requires the end user have a thorough understanding of applicable electrical principles and is fully aware of the inherent dangers of working with electric vehicle high voltage systems as they apply to the design, construction and operation of an electric vehicle.

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