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How we started


Electric Envy was founded by engineer and innovator,

Wayne Jones

Wayne grew up surrounded by engineering, electronics and design. He is an innovator with a long-time passion for Electric Vehicles, converting his first vehicle in 1998 and assisting many others with their builds.

Why Electric Envy?


Electric Envy was born from Wayne's aversion to Planned Obsolescence where a few lines of code or lack of support documentation can render a device useless, unrecoverable by the user.

This follows closely with the Circular Economy and having the Right to Repair or modify anything we own, keeping items in service as long as possible in this world of finite resources 

W Jones.JPG

I have always been motivated by pushing the boundaries and creative thinking outside the box ... sometimes a little too far out of the box ... but nothing great was ever created by conventional thinking

And So it Began


My first EV conversion in1998

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